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Improving Educational Outcomes, Building a Talent Pipeline

Over the past two years, the SSC Learning Network has supported the holistic growth of students, academically, socially, and emotionally. Our network uses a data-informed approach to deploying Student Success Coaches in classrooms with the goal of providing individualized support to students as they move through their academic careers. Through these experiences, SSCs are developing the skills they need to become successful teachers, school staff, and administrators. 


Proven Results


Academic Outcomes

  • 60 hours of additional tutoring in English and Math for students who work with SSCs

  • Schools that partner with City Year SSCs are up to two to three times more likely to improve in English and Math assessments

  • SSCs have an impact in reducing the number of students who are off track to graduate high school

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Social-Emotional Impact

  • 84% of students surveyed in 2021 felt that City Year SSCs taught them to self-advocate and ask for help when they need it, which are critical skills for life and workforce success.

  • SSCs report that their work with students helps foster positive interpersonal relationships among students and has prevented school violence. 

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Talent Pipeline

  • SSCs graduate from service programs ready to enter professions in education, ultimately benefiting California school communities

  • Many SSCs aspire to become teachers, counselors, social workers, school psychologists, or school classified staff, and more than 40% return to school settings after their service


Professional Development

  • SSC Learning Network partner organizations participate in Technical Training Assistance (TTA)

  • TTA serves as a foundation for enhancing programming and organizational capacity to promote equity in K-12 education through strategic deployment of skilled SSCs

  • The SSC grant has enabled our partners to continue to invest resources in recruitment and the professional development of SSCs

The SSC grant has allowed us to increase the living allowance for members. In this last year, we have almost tripled the amount of members we have been able to bring into the program and are sustaining for the whole school year.

Gabby Theobald-Anderson

San Francisco Unified School District District Coordinator, Healthy Choices

BAYAC AmeriCorps became a gateway for me to begin my career in education without having finished my college career. I love the position that I am in, being able to support students in many ways...the relationships I have built with students have been the most rewarding.


Student Success Coach, Bay Area Youth Agency Consortium (BAYAC)

This program has been intentional about providing both the professional development needed and guidance to get members from AmeriCorps service to the education pipeline and getting into a credential program.

Monica Quiroz

Program Specialist, San Diego County Office of Education, PASS AmeriCorps

Support Our network

Help us secure continued state funding by signing the petition

Financial support from California Governor Newsom, our network has been able to provide critical support to students in some of our most under-resourced communities.

Josh Fryday shares how our coaching model is helping to address some of our education system's most pressing needs. 

Additional funding from the State is needing to continue this important work.

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